Meet the Team


Larry Shackleton

Since 1980 Larry Shackleton has been involved with special interest, custom, and street rods, both as a builder and provincial government licensed dealer, in addition to his being a certified judge at numerous Ontario and Quebec, major indoor car shows. Larry and his wife, Kathy, are the founders of GLS Appraisals. They both continue to play an active role within the company and have been completing professional vehicle evaluations since 1985.

In 1995 Larry took advantage of an early retirement package from his long-time career with the Metro Toronto Police Department, where he was extensively involved as a member of that force's auto theft and recovery bureau. Mr. Shackleton continues as a court qualified, "Expert Witness" with respect to vehicle identification matters.


Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell grew up in the rural village of Thornton, Ontario. Most of his life he has been exposed to small engines, vehicles, as well as heavy equipment. In the early 80's his father opened an auto body shop and ran it successfully for two decades, which emerged into an auto repair facility for Rural Route Motors. Both of these endeavours provided Rob with the opportunity to attain hands-on knowledge relating to various mainstream and specialty vehicles, heavy diesel engines in addition to auto body repair and restoration. Rob has been interested in learning and improving his knowledge of various types of vehicles, in respect to the value of vehicles and enhancing mechanical/cosmetic repair skills through their family business.

In education, he has a Small Engine Mechanics License, as well as an Electrical Engineering Diploma. This passion evolved over the years and prompted him to create his own company, All Terrain Domain in which has been operating since 2008. However his interest lies in the specialty vehicle appraisal industry, where he can apply his vast knowledge to the motorcycle & classic car field.

In 2012 Rob began his in-field training experience with GLS Appraisals, and he purchased the company in 2013.  Rob is pleased to continue to provide quality appraisal work as a P.A.V.E. licensed and insured professional at GLS Appraisals.  Recently in 2016, he has moved to the Belleville area to expand the company territory to eastern Ontario.


Alice Moore

Alice comes from a sales and marketing background, with extensive experience in market research.   Alice started out in her career as an independent contractor for various market research companies, as well as managing field staff.   In 2000, she opened her own business, Looks Good on Paper.  This entitled her to work on many administration, marketing and sales contracts in the financial and immigration industries.

Her passion has always remained in market research and learning about her clients needs and meeting them.  Since 2009 she has been assisting Robert with the running of All Terrain Domain and in 2013 she took on the role of administrator for GLS Appraisals, continuing operation of both companies together.  Recently in 2016 she has relocated with Robert to the Belleville area to market GLS Appraisals to eastern Ontario.

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We're a proud and long time member of P.A.V.E. (Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators)